For a recent job interview, I was asked to do a 10 minute presentation about myself.  My first thought was, ” hey that will be fun”  Then I thought some more and while I like talking, I became less excited thinking about standing before an interview committee and talking about myself for 10 minutes. Seemed like a recipe for tune-out; and all I could imagine was the “womp-womp womp womp womp” muted megaphone sound of the teacher on the “Charlie Brown” specials.  Plus I figured I would have already been talking about myself during the 45 minute interview so why not have some fun, get creative, and show them who I am.

Quickly, I called my friend Lauren who is a professor, story teller, photographer and now documentary maker. She is really good at making iMovies too.  Lauren suggested I gather 50-60 photographs and have them ready for our workshop together the next morning.

So that night I spent hours combing through my photos from the last few years. The images fell naturally into areas of story: work, hiking/skiing, gardening, cooking and my family.  Tears welled as I visited up close and personal, precious moments of my life on solo adventures, and with the ones I love. I floated along in this montage of memories that flooded me with amazement and gratitude for my story, for who and where I am, for the ones I love,  for where I’ve been.

While I didn’t get that job, the movie was well-received to a captive audience. And the experience of making this short movie with Lauren was darn fun.



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